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Arthritis and Golf: Can You Have Both?

Arthritis and Golf: Can You Have Both?

Snap, crackle, and pop. The famous cereal jingle isn’t a sound you want to hear during a round of golf, especially when it’s coming from your joints. For the millions affected by arthritis, it is unfortunately--a much too familiar struggle. And, the chronic pain and stiffness caused by arthritis can prompt an early (and unnecessary) retirement from their favorite sport. We’re happy to report that joint pain doesn’t have to mean the end of your game.

Pain, swelling, and limited movement are all symptoms of arthritis that, with over 100 different forms, can range greatly in severity and vary by diagnosis. But with each differing case, treatments to improve the chronic condition follow a similar protocol: take an anti-inflammatory to relieve pain, place heat or ice to reduce swelling, and engage in consistent exercise to preserve mobility. This is where your game comes back into play. Golf is an ideal activity for increasing strength, balance, coordination and improving range of motion, making your time on the course an important part of effectively treating your arthritis. 

While playing golf may benefit your health, it likely doesn’t alleviate your discomfort. To make your game as comfortable as possible, start by rethinking your grip. For arthritis in your hands, you’ll benefit from a looser grip on your clubs. Try using an oversized grip on one club to get a better feel for this ‘open’ grip style. Lamkin also designed their Arthritic golf grip to help promote a looser, open hand position. It features a larger profile and a unique “nubbed” texture to encourage a light pressure grip, requiring less of a closed grasp around your clubs.

“Less arthritis pain, better feel!”, writes a recent golfer after switching to Lamkin’s Arthritic grip. The feedback is nearly unanimous, golfers with joint pain absolutely benefit from changing their grip. With Lamkin’s relentless focus on providing golfers with a more comfortable playing experience, this feedback is music to our ears…and certainly a much nicer sound than that old cereal jingle.

Under Pressure? Why it's Crucial to Lighten Up

Under Pressure? Why it's Crucial to Lighten Up

Is it possible David Bowie and Queen were singing about grip pressure in their iconic “Under Pressure” tune? Highly unlikely, but we recommend listening to the classic hit while reading the following blog just to get in the spirit. Playing yet? Good. Now let’s talk golf. Specifically, how one of the most important and often overlooked fundamentals of your game is THE IDEAL GRIP PRESSURE.

Why is slight grip pressure so important? How you grip your golf club is the first piece in a long, winding line of dominos. Too much grip tension tips over that first domino, leading to tension throughout your arms and shoulders, ultimately inhibiting momentum and reducing swing speed. Using the ideal light pressure grip is fundamental to maintaining swing consistency and control. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Intuitively, players use a tighter grip because it creates the feeling of greater control. Just try grabbing a club from someone with a tight grip. But, with golf grips, using lighter pressure allows you to release the club freely and with full extension, and a more fluid stroke that results in more distance and control.  

And it all starts with your grip.

And this is exactly why Lamkin created the Z5 grip. With five functional grip ‘zones’, it was designed to give optimal feedback to different parts of your hands, giving you the feel of a solid grip connection with less pressure. Essentially, different parts of your fingers and hands perceive the sensation of touch very differently, so each zone was engineered to enhance the feel of confidence, control and comfort.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, trust us, LIGHTEN UP to play more confidently, consistently and more comfortably!

Learn more how these 5 zones affect your individual sensory inputs? Click here.

Brendan Steele Wins PGA Season Opener with Crossline Full-Cord

Brendan Steele Wins PGA Season Opener with Crossline Full-Cord

The 2017 PGA Season teed off this weekend at the Safeway Open in Napa, California. A redeeming 24 birdie performance by Brendan Steele claimed the season opener title and barrel trophy for his second PGA Tour victory. Steele secured his win with three consecutive birdies finishing 7-under 65 on the rain-soaked course gripping Crossline Full-Cord.

A golf grip tried and trusted for its outstanding all weather performance, the Crossline Full-Cord features the Tour preferred Crossline etched pattern paired with full-cord coverage for maximum control and traction. This exceptional high traction texture delivers slip-free confidence, proven to produce a victor in the most testing conditions. Made with our highly durable synthetic rubber compound that is built to last, we’re excited to see what this set brings this season. 

Congratulations Brendan on an incredible win and start to the 2017 season!

Lamkin Claims Italian Open Victory

In the game of inches, it took only one stroke to determine the winner of the Italian Open in Monza. Congratulations to the victor on his thrilling Sunday finale--hitting one eagle and five birdies for a near perfect round. It’s his second European Tour title that gives validation to the successful game strategy he demonstrates in every round. The champions’ choice of grip through each swing? R.E.L ACE.

Lamkin Claims Italian Open Victory

The R.E.L ACE golf grip is made with Lamkin’s patented ACE 3GEN synthetic rubber compound. This ACE technology delivers long lasting surface tack and unmatched shock absorption for a Tour trusted performance grip. The light pattern adds enhanced comfort and provides maximum grip connection. Offered in golf’s widest assortment of color and size options, the R.E.L ACE is the ideal golf grip for a broad range of golfers. 

Lamkin Crossline Wins KLM Open

The Tour trusted Crossline claims another victory at the KLM Dutch Open. Congratulations to the winner on a birdie filled performance (ten during the final round to be exact) finishing 8-under par. It’s his second win at the KLM Open, topped with a course-record 63 and a champagne celebration at The Dutch.

Lamkin Crossline Wins KLM Open

A golf grip preferred for its Tour performance, Crossline delivered maximum surface traction and outstanding torsion control through every swing for the Dutchman. The distinctive, densely-spaced surface pattern provides exceptional grip stability and additional grip traction for superior performance in all-weather conditions. Calculating over $200,000,000 in worldwide Tour earnings, there’s no wonder why Crossline grips have been a favorite among top players for nearly 20 years— the performance produced results.

Do you want to talk Crossline? Tweet us @LamkinGrips and Bob Lamkin will answer your questions during the next #AskBob Twitter Chat. 

Z5: Real Players, Real Reviews

Z5: Real Players, Real Reviews

Of course everyone at Lamkin thinks the new Z5 grip is the most innovative and functionally advanced golf grip to hit the market in the last decade …but what do everyday golfers, just like you, think of the new Z5? These are excerpts from real reviews from real players, find out if they think Z5 is up to par:

“Ok 1 round on the grips complete and very impressed. I have tried Lamkin grips in the past (3 gen and UTX) and to me initially they felt good and tacky but were a little slippery at times and had some play in them. To me I like a grip to have traction/firm in the left hand and softer (still firm) in the right hand. This Z5 grip accomplishes that. I can tell by one round this grip will be durable and last...” GolfWRX Member

 “The texture is SO much more comfortable than the NDMC. Cord without being sandpaper”, Hacker’s Paradise contributor.

A soft cord means you don’t have to choose between comfort and traction. You can have them both. But will the traction withstand humidity? One reviewer put Z5 to the ultimate test.

“I got a LOT of time with these today in high humidity and a LOT of heat for a LOOOOOT of swings. The top-hand/butt-section texture is very much reminiscent of the UTx, which I know surprises no one, but it’s again worth mentioning just how incredibly playable that texture/design/tech is as compared to pretty much every other corded grip out there. Even today in the heat and humidity while my hands were sweating profusely (I wore NO glove for all golf today to test the grips) and the amount of tack/control/grip in the top hand really shines…”

The UTx resemblance is no coincidence, we took a great grip and saw an opportunity to make it even better. Derived from our UTx ideology, the Z5 meets a new level of performance. And, no glove? No problem. Z5 is designed to only provide high-traction texture in specific, isolated areas while the rest of grip is designed for maximum comfort. UTx is a long-time favorite of the founder of Amateur Golf, but after trying Z5 he directs his attention to the details…

“From the first swing I knew the Z5 was a winner. At first appearance, there is a lot going on with multiple textures at various places on the grip. But the feel is really solid -- albeit softer than my other Lamkin favorite, the UTx. The Z5 also has a nice reminder "V" shape. I don't think you would want to slip it on backwards as you might be comfortable doing with your grips (or asking your clubfitter to do). Also, if you flip it upside down you're losing out on the design feature of the grip that provides your left hand with the extra protection it needs, especially in the thumb area. If you're like me, you'll appreciate the attention to detail the Lamkin letters have at the bottom of the grip, etched and paint filled against a white background giving them a sharp appearance. At the top there is some of the light string embedded in the main material that gives me the feeling it would work great with a rain or regular leather glove. The Z5 will most certainly appeal to the player that loves a combo cord/rubber type grip.”

We want to hear if you feel the Z5 difference. Tweet @lamkingrips with your review!  

Lamkin Crossline Wins at John Deere Classic

Equipped with Crossline Black grips, the winner of the 2016 John Deere Classic shot a bogey-free final round Sunday to claim his fifth career PGA TOUR title! Congratulations to the winner on an incredible round, closing four-under par for 67 with four birdies and eight pars. A variant of the 20 year Tour preferred Crossline, the Crossline Black features the favored distinctive, densely-spaced pattern to provide exceptional lateral traction and grip stability. The classic kicked off with severe weather and rain delays, giving this high traction golf grip the opportunity to prove its outstanding performance in all weather conditions, sealed with a sunny Sunday finish. 

Lamkin Crossline Wins at John Deere Classic

Made with Lamkin’s proprietary synthetic rubber compound, the Crossline Black is exceptionally durable. Another performance perk? Superior torsion control ensures greater shot consistency and control. It’s a grip that fuels confidence and produces winning titles. It’s trusted…it’s Crossline. 

Round vs. Reminder: What’s in Your Core?

Golfers are known to be some of the most superstitious sportsmen, predominantly due to golf being such an unpredictable game. Players find self-assurance in what produces performance, having specifications with gear down to the smallest degree.  For serious players, the particularity and specifications of their golf grips are of the utmost importance. The reasoning? Hands are all that connect the clubs to the body, the grip being the only piece of equipment you’re in contact with during the swing. A solid connection to the shot begins with a proper and consistent grip. One technique to ensure you have the correct hold... using a grip with a ribbed core.

Round vs. Reminder: What’s in Your Core?

A Ribbed or Reminder” grip does just that, reminds the golfer where to properly set their hands and fingers on the club. This internal rib runs along the length of the grip, promoting consistent hand placement with every shot, where a round grip has a smooth core diameter. Having this steady placement on the club gives players the confidence needed to fuel performance. Bob Lamkin, President of Lamkin Grips, is a long-time user of the ribbed core:

 “I’ve always preferred to place my hands on the grip the same time with every shot. With a reminder grip, I know I have the same hold and can curve the shot as necessary with body alignment as opposed to face angle. I’m constantly asked ‘why reminder over round’ and I always encourage golfers who haven’t used a reminder to experiment with a ribbed grip to feel the difference.”

Lamkin offers the industry’s widest assortment of reminder grips, including the tour preferred Crossline, Crossline Black, Crossline Full-Cord, REL ACE, Wrap-Tech and UTx.

So why doesn’t everyone play ribbed over round? A few factors keep round grips popular on the course: while club alignment is important with a driver, when it comes to wedges players often like to adjust either open or closed faced to direct the shot angle. The installment of the grip also takes more precision, having to be exact when positioning the rib on the shaft to prevent from causing a shifted grasp. Lastly, some simply haven’t remembered to try the reminder. Whether your grip is ribbed or round, it’s safe to say the “Golf Gods” will have the final word in your swing.

The 145th Open Championship: How Players Are Gearing Up for This Year’s Troon Typhoon

The 145th Open Championship: How Players Are Gearing Up for This Year’s Troon Typhoon

If you haven’t yet heard, The 2016 British Open will probably be another wet and gusty one. This dicey forecast is something tour players and golf enthusiasts know to be a common occurrence of the British major. Returning to Royal Troon for the ninth time this Thursday, the course rests on the jagged western coast of Scotland and is to expect rain three out of the four tournament days, including a forecast of 30 mph winds on Saturday. This is all too familiar reflecting on the 2015 British Open at St. Andrews last year. The 2nd round starting with a three-plus hour rain delay, wind shifting balls by several feet on the green, ultimately pushing the final round to Monday where Zach Johnson took home the Claret Jug.

So how do players prepare for Mother Nature’s looming threat on their game? One way for certain is ensuring they have proper traction and a sturdy grip on their clubs. The Crossline and Crossline Full-Cord Grips are a favorite among top professionals and Tour players for this exact purpose—Brandt Snedeker having his own special model. The Crossline pattern was created to deliver maximum control and shot feedback. Its distinctive design has a densely-spaced surface pattern that offers slip-free confidence even in the most “British Open” of weather conditions.  The Crossline Full-Cord grip takes high traction performance to the extreme with an added layer of durable cotton cord for maximum grip control.

While the Crossline keeps your grip in place assisting a straight shot down the fairway, the Deep-Etched Full-Cord Putter Grip will take care of you on the green. Designed and constructed with a heavy cord weave, this adds an enhanced slip-free control for you to sink the perfect putt. Is the weather making you a little tense? The paddle-style profile encourages a more relaxed, tension-free putting stroke. That’s one reason this putter grip is popular among Tour players, there’s nothing quite like it.

We admit there are a few things we can’t control: what side of the draw players will be tested with more unfavorable weather, if a wind gust keeps your shot from reaching an otherwise “short” green or if you forget to pack an umbrella. But when it comes to keeping the connection with your grip when it matters most, Lamkin Grips is trusted to have you covered. 

Lamkin Victory at 2015 WGC-HSBC Champions

Congratulations to the winner of the 2015 WGS HSBC Champions tournament in Shanghai this weekend. 

Equipped with Lamkin UTx grips on his clubs, the 7th reserve for this prestigious tournament secured a two stroke victory with a final round 68. This win was the hard working Scot’s first victory on either the European or PGA Tour and the first Scottish win in a WGC event.

Lamkin Victory at 2015 WGC-HSBC Champions

UTx grips feature Lamkin’s proprietary Tri-Layer technology. Made with three functional layers, UTx grips deliver unparalleled comfort and control in all conditions. A softer base of Lamkin ACE 3GEN material combined with a middle full cord layer and a top layer of firmer ACE 3GEN gives the stability and traction of a high performance grip required by Tour professionals along with superior levels of comfort.

The performance and comfort of the Lamkin UTx has made the Lamkin UTX one of the fastest growing grips on the PGA and European Tour with dozens of players switching since its introduction in 2014. 

Confessions of a Wrap Grip Convert

Working for Lamkin, I’m often asked to test out our new golf grips, and rightfully so!  It’s one of the perks of the job.  But testing out the Wrap-Tech golf grip was more of a stretch for me.  I’m just not a wrap grip player.  After a good deal of prodding, however, I finally threw them on my woods.  I wish I would have put them on sooner.  I’M CONVERTED!

Traditionally for me, cord golf grips that are very firm worked best.  I bounced between the Crossline Full-Cord and UTx, switching back to Crossline in the end.  I have a high swing speed, and sweat a lot. Which made traditional wrap golf grips a no-go.  You can understand why I was hesitant to put our new Wrap-Tech on my gamers.  Nonetheless, I obliged.

Confessions of a Wrap Grip Convert

Uncommon in San Diego, I was faced with cold-weather, rain and wind in my first round out with the new golf grips.  On the first tee, I pulled out my driver and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of tack and the feel of the grip.  It basically stuck to my glove.  My first drive was a bomb down the right side of the fairway.  Great start, but I was going to need more convincing if these golf grips are going to end up on all of my clubs.  It only took five holes until I was completely SOLD.  [Not unlike Miguel Angel Jimenez who, after only 15 holes with Wrap-Tech on his clubs, made a hole-in-one]  Monday morning was spent regripping golf clubs.  My only regret is not switching to Wrap-Tech sooner.

New Year, New Golf Grips

A New Year inevitably brings new resolutions.  We’re guessing that playing better golf and lowering your handicap is on the resolution list for more than a few golfers.  At Lamkin, we understand your obsession and we’re here to help you achieve even the loftiest of your golf goals.  Our 2015 portfolio is filled with golf grips engineered to enhance your performance and ultimately lead to a more consistent and enjoyable game for all golfers.

New Year, New Golf Grips


This grip is incredibly TACKY!  You have to feel them to believe it.  In addition to the super-tacky feel of the patented ACE material, Wrap-Tech features a dual texture surface to provide maximum grip comfort and control.  If you love a wrap-style golf grip that performs in all-weather, be sure to give these a shot. 

UTx Wrap and UTx Mega Paddle Putter

As one of the fastest growing new grips on Tour, Lamkin’s UTx quickly became a favorite among top players around the world.  The line has been expanded to include a wrap-style and putter grip, both featuring proprietary Tri-Layer Technology, so that more golfers can experience the distinctive feel and performance of UTx. 

Technique Putter

Lamkin’s revolutionary new putter grip features functional hand alignment guides to promote consistent hand placement and an oversized, flat-front shape to minimize wrist movement. Whether you putt using a reverse overlap, cross-handed, or claw putting grip style, this grip is sure to have you rolling putts better than ever. 

Team U.S.A. and Europe: Inspirational

What a Ryder Cup! The tournament always brings out the fire and spirit of the greatest golfers in the world. It creates the same emotions in golf fans, and ignited the same passion here at Lamkin. That passion influenced us to create special-edition golf grips, inspired by Team U.S.A., Team Europe, and the spirit of The Ryder Cup.

Team U.S.A. and Europe: Inspirational


The limited-edition Team U.S.A. golf grip represents a blend of Team USA and Keegan Bradley. Keegan plays our Crossline ACE 3GEN Full-Cord. We made the Crossline in a RED ACE 3GEN material with a WHITE Crossline pattern and Lamkin logo. To complete the look it features a blue cap and trim rings. The special-edition grip bares a stark resemblance to the American flag and screams U.S.A. For golfers looking for maximum tack and torsion control, the Crossline ACE 3GEN is perfect for you.


Team Europe and Justin Rose are the inspiration behind the design of Lamkin’s special-edition Team Europe golf grip. We created a NAVY BLUE R.E.L. ACE 3GEN, highlighted by Team-Europe-YELLOW Lamkin logo and trim rings. Justin uses our black R.E.L. ACE 3GEN with a reduced taper under the right hand, accented by his special blue cap. R.E.L. comes in our widest assortment of colors and sizes while the ACE 3GEN material makes it extremely tacky and reduces vibration, helping minimize the risk of injury while golfing.   

The Team U.S.A. and Team Europe grips were available EXCLUSIVELY to the winners of our social-media contests. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for tips, news, product launches, and access to special-edition grips like these. 

Ryder Cup 2014

For the first time since 1973, and for only the second time in the history of The Ryder Cup, Scotland plays host to the greatest tournament in match-play golf. The world’s best golfers are set and golf fans around the world are eagerly anticipating every nail-biting moment. Here at Lamkin, we share the same enthusiasm and have a deep respect for Ryder Cup tradition.


For decades, Lamkin provided some of the best Ryder Cup competitors with their grips and this year is no exception. Representing both the U.S. and Europe team, Lamkin is the grip of choice for Keegan Bradley and Justin Rose. We are often asked ‘what type of grips do Tour players use?’ so we thought this would be a good opportunity to take a closer look…


Team USA


The 2011 PGA Tour rookie of the year, Keegan Bradley, is the first Captain’s pick for Team USA. He was paired with Phil in his debut, winning three matches. When he arrives at Gleneagles, he will face a tough course, harder competition, and unpredictable weather throughout the tournament. His golf grip, Lamkin’s Crossline ACE 3GEN Full-Cord individually weighed to ensure exact gram specs within his specified tolerance, will ensure a confident grip no matter the opponent or conditions.


Ryder Cup 2014


This exact grip is available EXCLUSIVELY at


Team Europe


World Ranked number 5, Justin Rose makes his third appearance for Team Europe at The Ryder Cup. With a 6-3 record, and coming off a good season, he is sure to be a key component for Europe. The courses are challenging, due to uneven fairways, thick rough and small-deep-bunkers. Precision is a must. Trajectory and distance control are key to successful rounds. Justin will be armed with Lamkin’s R.E.L. ACE 3GEN with a reduced taper that makes the grip larger under the bottom hand. At Justin’s request, the grip also features a unique blue cap. His confidence in his golf grip will allow him to execute the shots necessary for success at Gleneagles…regardless of weather conditions.

If you want the same FEEL on your clubs that Justin has on his own, you can order them exclusively at



Discover the Power of ACE 3GEN

Developed by Lamkin chemists, the patented ACE 3GEN technology is a super-tacky and vibration dampening grip materail created to give players a more confident and comfotable connection to their clubs.  The unique feel of the ACE 3GEN materials promotes the ideal tension-free grip needed for increased distance and improved shot consistency. 

Discover the Power of ACE 3GEN

Golf’s Color Trend Shows No Sign of Slowing in Lamkin’s 2013 Portfolio

Leading golf’s current color trend, Lamkin Grips will release several additional color options in the R.E.L. 3GEN  Standard, Midsize and Oversize models.   The expansion of the R.E.L. 3GEN golf grip line will include a neon pink option in a standard size model, as well as a red, blue, orange, gray and electric blue option in both the midsize and oversize models. Golfers who play with non-standard size grips will certainly celebrate the addition of more color options in such a popular golf grip.   The R.E.L. 3GEN grip has already earned rave reviews from golfers for its amazing feel, tackiness and durability.  With more color and size options than any other golf grip in the market, the R.E.L. 3GEN expansion will undoubtedly lead to even more glowing reviews from golfers around the world. Combined with a comfortable and no-slip surface pattern, the R.E.L. grip is manufactured with Lamkin’s patent-pending 3GEN technology that provides unmatched vibration dampening and extraordinary grip durability.  The design of the grip was created to maximize surface area contact with a golfer’s hand to ensure a confident, controlled connection between the golfer and their club. Lamkin’s 2013 grip collection will be available through golf specialty, online retailers and green grass shops beginning in November 2012.



Lamkin\'s famous Crossline golf grip has been a best-seller and Tour favorite for nearly 15 years.   Currently used on millions of golf clubs around the world, the intersecting (\"crossing\") lines on the Crossline grip have become one of the most recognizable patterns in golf. Because of the enormous volume of Crossline grips produced every year, Lamkin continually upgrades the molding equipment to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality and most durable golf grips.  Over the years, as this equipment is upgraded, the lines of the Crossline pattern became slightly wider than the original design.  After a lengthly process of testing and reviewing different iterations of the pattern, Lamkin made the decision to return to the specifications of the original Crossline design. While the difference between the two patterns is quite subtle, it is distinct enough to be noticed by our more attentive customers.   The renewed \"Classic\" Crossline grips started shipping this summer and will be available in stores later this year.  If you have any questions about the change, 


Stylish Lamkin Grips on the 2012 Collection of Odyssey Putters

Inspired by Lamkin’s E.B.L. 3GEN putter grips, the new line of Odyssey putters feature a very colorful assortment of grip options.  The Odyssey putter grips are designed with a dual surface pattern for the ultimate in comfort and hand traction, plus the unmatched advantages of 3GEN technology.  Check out what their Facebook fans thought of the new super-cool new colors.


Gary McCord Shares Golf Grip Tips in New Lamkin Videos

Golf analyst and author Gary McCord, whose irreverent and self-deprecating style has earned him fans worldwide, has recorded a four-part video series designed to help players maximize Lamkin Grips’ new Performance Plus 3GEN Wedge golf grip. The witty and knowledgeable Champions Tour player loaned his expertise to Lamkin’s online education program that breaks down wedge play into quick, easy to understand lessons. Comparing club shafts to pencils and hammers, McCord demonstrates how users gain greater control the further they choke down on whatever is in their grasp. By adding an inch to its grip length and maintaining a wider grip base, McCord shows viewers how Lamkin’s new Wedge Grip promotes a choked down grip to improve short-game play.  Throughout the video series, McCord also elaborates on concepts including hand action, swing power, grip size, as well as the differences between soft and firm grips (and when to use which).  Lamkin’s new video series featuring Gary McCord can be seen on the company’s channel at

Grip Tips

TaylorMade Selects Lamkin Grips to Enhance New ATV Wedge Performance

A radically advanced wedge club deserves a radically advanced grip. So when selecting the grip that best complements TaylorMade’s ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) Wedge, the company chose Lamkin’s new Performance Plus  Wedge Grip.  Constructed to improve short-game play, this Wedge Grip is one inch longer than standard grips and features a reduced taper, facilitating proper hand position and traction when choking down on the club. “Golf equipment manufacturers take painstaking measures to deliver accuracy on the course, and grips are no exception,” explains Lamkin CEO Bob Lamkin.  “Just as TaylorMade designed the new ATV Wedge to perform during critical scoring shots, Lamkin’s Wedge Grip is designed to work seamlessly with the club ensuring maximum control and precision.” TaylorMade’s ATV Wedge is masterfully engineered, and as such required a grip that could facilitate fairway, chip and bunker shots alike to maximize the club’s utility.  Taylor Made selected the Performance Plus Wedge Grip in black, with a traditional white TaylorMade logo, , to cap off its latest release. This first-of-its-kind wedge grip is crafted to promote proper hand position and tension needed to achieve better short-game results.


Lamkin Adds Style & Performance to Expanded Line of Ladies Golf Grips

Looking for the perfect gift for the female golfer in your life?  If so, you\'ve come to the right place.   Lamkin Grips proudly expanded its 2012 product line to include several new styles and materials designed exclusively for female golfer. R.E.L. 3GEN golf grips have been expanded to include neon-pink and neon-purple, both featuring a super-soft 3GEN material ONLY available in these two color options. The stylish Crossline undersize is now available in a stylish and on-trend pink version. Looking for something more traditional?  The classic style and unmatched durability of the Lamkin X10 golf grip is a great choice, and now available in an undersize model. With more sizes, colors and materials, Lamkin is proud to offer the perfect performance-enhancing golf grips to every golfer.


Lamkin 3GEN Grips on New Odyssey Metal-X Putters

Complimenting Odyssey\'s new line of Metal-X putters is the exclusive Lamkin 3GEN pistol putter grip.   The grip was selected for its superior vibration-dampening properties found exclusively in the 3GEN synthetic rubber material.  It\'s also one of Lamkin\'s tackiest and most comfortable golf grips. The new Metal-X putter grip, created exclusively for Odyssey, was inspired by Lamkin\'s E.B.L. 3GEN putter grip, also featuring the performance-enhancing benefits of the 3GEN material.   Featuring a unique dual surface-pattern design, the grip has quickly become a Lamkin best-seller with golfers from around the world making the switch.



Lamkin Golf Grips is very excited to announce the August launch of the industry’s first white full-cord grip. The TOUR WHITE was introduced in early 2011 on the PGA TOUR. After posting an image of the Tour grip on its Facebook page, Lamkin was overwhelmed with the positive feedback and quickly decided to add the TOUR WHITE Full Cord grip to their product portfolio. The TOUR WHITE will be available at in mid-August. The TOUR WHITE is an incredibly soft cord grip that provides maximum comfort in wet and humid weather conditions. It’s counterpart, the TOUR BLACK Full Cord, is one of Lamkin’s most popular grips on the PGA TOUR. Style, comfort and performance have been perfectly fused to create Lamkin’s new TOUR WHITE Full Cord grip. Lamkin Golf Grips is very excited to announce the August launch of the industry’s first white full-cord grip. The TOUR WHITE was introduced in early 2011 on the PGA TOUR. After posting an image of the Tour grip on its Facebook page, Lamkin was overwhelmed with the positive feedback and quickly decided to add the TOUR WHITE Full Cord grip to their product portfolio. The TOUR WHITE will be available at in mid-August. The TOUR WHITE is an incredibly soft cord grip that provides maximum comfort in wet and humid weather conditions. It’s counterpart, the TOUR BLACK Full Cord, is one of Lamkin’s most popular grips on the PGA TOUR. Style, comfort and performance have been perfectly fused to create Lamkin’s new TOUR WHITE Full Cord grip. Lamkin Golf Grips is very excited to announce the August launch of the industry’s first white full-cord grip. The TOUR WHITE was introduced in early 2011 on the PGA TOUR. After posting an image of the Tour grip on its Facebook page, Lamkin was overwhelmed with the positive feedback and quickly decided to add the TOUR WHITE Full Cord grip to their product portfolio. The TOUR WHITE will be available at in mid-August. The TOUR WHITE is an incredibly soft cord grip that provides maximum comfort in wet and humid weather conditions. It’s counterpart, the TOUR BLACK Full Cord, is one of Lamkin’s most popular grips on the PGA TOUR. Style, comfort and performance have been perfectly fused to create Lamkin’s new TOUR WHITE Full Cord grip. Products


Do you know what brand of grips you’re playing with? You’d be surprised how many people actually have Lamkin grips on their clubs yet don’t even know it. We’ve been providing grips to all the major club manufacturers for years. Chances are though, you won’t see the Lamkin logo on them. We’re hoping to see that change. And speaking of change, if you want to change your game, change your grips. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to feel like you have a set of new clubs. If you’re grips are worn, if you’ve played over 40 rounds with them, or if you’re holding on for dear life to prevent your hands from slipping, it’s time for new grips. Our 3GEN grips with patent pending technology stay tacky in all weather conditions–even snow. (Okay, we haven’t really tested them in snow, but be the first and let us know.)


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