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Confessions of a Wrap Grip Convert

Working for Lamkin, I’m often asked to test out our new golf grips, and rightfully so!  It’s one of the perks of the job.  But testing out the Wrap-Tech golf grip was more of a stretch for me.  I’m just not a wrap grip player.  After a good deal of prodding, however, I finally threw them on my woods.  I wish I would have put them on sooner.  I’M CONVERTED!

Traditionally for me, cord golf grips that are very firm worked best.  I bounced between the Crossline Full-Cord and UTx, switching back to Crossline in the end.  I have a high swing speed, and sweat a lot. Which made traditional wrap golf grips a no-go.  You can understand why I was hesitant to put our new Wrap-Tech on my gamers.  Nonetheless, I obliged.

Confessions of a Wrap Grip Convert

Uncommon in San Diego, I was faced with cold-weather, rain and wind in my first round out with the new golf grips.  On the first tee, I pulled out my driver and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of tack and the feel of the grip.  It basically stuck to my glove.  My first drive was a bomb down the right side of the fairway.  Great start, but I was going to need more convincing if these golf grips are going to end up on all of my clubs.  It only took five holes until I was completely SOLD.  [Not unlike Miguel Angel Jimenez who, after only 15 holes with Wrap-Tech on his clubs, made a hole-in-one]  Monday morning was spent regripping golf clubs.  My only regret is not switching to Wrap-Tech sooner.

Is a Big Putter Grip Right for Me?

The oversize putter grip has made its mark on the greens over the last couple of years, and is marketed as a quick and easy fix to shave strokes.  But, is there evidence to back the claims?  And, even with quantifiable results, is an OVERSIZED putter grip right for every golfer? 

When it comes to lowering scores, using an oversize putter grip is said to provide instant benefits to players.  Manufacturers claim the larger size and parallel profile quiets the hands and wrists, provides a tension free grip, promotes a pendulum like swing, and increases consistency; all of which leads to fewer missed putts and fewer strokes.

Sounds great, right?  Well, not exactly.  Oversized putter grips may not be right for all golfers.  Golf, as we know, is not a one-size-fits-all sport.  What feels good to one player, may feel terrible for another.  And, in the game of golf, nothing is quite as important as feel.  

Although gaining popularity, oversize putter grips are not an automatic fix for your putting stroke. Many golfers who try the oversize putter grip tend to switch back to a traditional pistol style putter grip because they lost critical feel and feedback.  Smaller, tapered putter grips can offer a great alternative, delivering exceptional feel, feedback and distance control.   While oversize putter grips are in the bags of many Tour players, the MAJORITY of Tour players are still using a smaller, more traditional putter grip. 

Is a Big Putter Grip Right for Me?

Before jumping on the bandwagon, visit your local PGA professional or golf retailer, and try putting with different size grips.  Don’t be too quick to follow the latest fad unless you’re confident the larger size gives you a truly better grip on your game.

Spring Cleaning for Your Golf Game

Finally!  Spring has arrived, and with it expectations for warmer weather, extra daylight hours, MORE GOLF, and the time-honored commitment to Spring Cleaning.  While the annual cleaning frenzy is typically focused on closets, garages, offices and home interiors, it’s also an excellent time to properly and thoroughly clean your golf equipment.  After all, unless you live in the warm southern corners of the country, your golf bag and clubs have probably been sitting around collecting dust for the last few months.  Spring is the perfect time to reorganize your bag and clean your clubs and golf grips.   

The simplest and most effective way to clean your golf grips are GRIPES Grip Cleaning Wipes.  You’ll need a pack of GRIPES Wipes and less than 10 minutes to clean your whole set of clubs.  After you’ve finished cleaning all of your grips, place the pack of GRIPES in your bag and use the convenient wipes throughout the season to immediately reactivate grip tackiness.  Available at select retailers and on for $5.99 a pack. 

Spring Cleaning for Your Golf Game

If you played more than 40 rounds last season, it’s probably time to reinvest in NEW golf grips. Replacing your grips with new, properly sized grips allows you to play with greater control and consistency, and ultimately could save you up to 4-5 strokes per round!  Click here to learn more about the benefits of playing with the right golf grips.  To find the perfect grip for your golf game, visit Lamkin’s exclusive interactive grip fitter.  

How to Clean Your Golf Grips

Any serious golfer will tell you their grips are as important as any other piece of equipment.  After all, the grip is the only piece of equipment a player directly connects with during the swing. Despite its importance, however, it is too often overlooked and neglected.

Grip maintenance is crucial to keeping a firm hold on your equipment. Simple golf grip cleaning will help restore surface tack, prevent hand slipping and ensure you’re using an ideal light-pressure grip.  In other words, cleaning keeps your grips feeling like new.

Combine that obvious benefit with the current color trend in golf grips (which looks to be here to stay) and maintenance is becoming an absolute-must.  Before the color explosion, grime and wear-and-tear could be hidden by the forgiving hue of traditional black grips.  Now -- more than ever -- golfers are able to see the inevitable build-up of gunk deposited by a wide range of culprits: namely, oils, grime and leftover sunscreen on your hands and a host of environmental particulates.

So, how can you effectively combat the negative effects of dirty grips? It’s simple: CLEAN YOUR GRIPS REGULARLY. And the next question, “What should I use to clean my golf grips?” Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers:

1. GRIPES Grip Cleaning Wipes
What you need: A pack of GRIPES ($5.99)
a. Remove a GRIPES wipe from the package, and reseal the package.  Take the wipe and wipe down your golf grips (for rubber, synthetic rubber, soft, and even cord grips) It is durable enough that 2 wipes can effectively clean your whole set of clubs, at a cost of just 80 cents.
*That is all there is to it.  The wipes are specifically made for any and all types of golf grips, and engineered to bring back the tack and feel so important to golf grips.  The fast-drying formula allows your grips to air-dry, quickly enough to wipe them down before a round.  The pack fits perfectly in any golf bag so it goes where your clubs go.  These wipes are the most user-friendly, inexpensive, and fast, way to clean your grips making them look like new.  Most important, GRIPES grip cleaning wipes restore the tack to make them FEEL like new.

2. Warm Soap and Water
What you need: Bucket or sink of warm water, mild detergent, soft abrasive pad/brush (for cord/rubber grips), washcloth (for soft “squishy” grips), a sink or a hose, and a dry towel.
a. Inspect your grips for any major damage, i.e. rips or tears, bubbles etc.  Grips that show this must be replaced as no amount of cleaning can fix those issues.
b. Fill the bucket or sink with warm water and mix in a couple drops of the mild detergent.  Dip the brush or washcloth into the bucket and scrub your grips.
c. Rinse the brush or washcloth free of the detergent, as well as the grips that were just scrubbed.  Take the clean brush or washcloth and wipe the grip free of any residue.
d. Rinse the grips again with soap-free water to make sure all detergent is removed from the grip.
e. Use a dry towel and wipe all of the grips dry.  You can also air-dry the grips, although we recommend drying them with a towel as soon as possible.  As this also gets rid of any trace of the detergent and residue.

Grip Tips

Selecting Your Ideal Golf Grip

With the myriad of grip options available it's no surprise that golfers are scratching their heads, wondering how to determine the best golf grip for their game.  While there are hundreds of different grips (yes, hundreds!) to choose from, there are four main factors to consider when searching for the right grip:

1. SIZE Matters.  This is the single most important factor when selecting a grip.  There are four basic golf grip sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize and Oversize.  Further customization can be achieved by adding extra layers of tape during installation.  The general rule for determining the best size is using a grip that allows the tips of a player's longest two fingers to barely touch their palms.  In addition to hand size, players should also consider their personal grip strength.  A player with limited hand strength may benefit from a slightly larger grip that allows a solid connection with less exertion.  If you haven’t considered your grip size or haven’t been properly fitted, use Lamkin’s exclusive Interactive Grip Selector.

2.  GRIP MATERIAL.  Most grips are made of rubber or synthetic rubber materials.  These grips are extremely durable and come in a variety of styles and colors.  Some new synthetic materials, like Lamkin’s patented ACE 3GEN, offer the additional benefits of superior vibration dampening and long-lasting tackiness.  For golfers who play in wet or humid conditions (or have wet hands), grips that include a CORD weave are very popular because they provide additional traction to prevent a player’s hands from slipping.  Another option is a grip made with a unique-feeling thermo-plastic material.  These grips, like the Lamkin iLINE, offer a much softer, tacky feel and are available in a wide variety of bold colors. Golfers should select a material best suited to their game, their climate and their personal preferences.

3.  SURFACE TEXTURE.  The design and pattern on the surface of a grip create either a smooth feel or a more coarse and abrasive feel.  When selecting a grip, golfers should choose a texture that feels comfortable and secure.  If a player doesn’t wear a glove, they may prefer a grip with less pattern and a smoother feel.  Some players prefer a rougher texture and more aggressive pattern on their grips because it provides more hand traction and gripping confidence.  Typically, grips with more texture perform very well in wet weather because they provide much-needed surface traction for increased slip-resistance.

4.  GRIP FIRMNESS.   Typically, firmer grips offer increased stability and incredible torsion control.  These grips are ideal for high swing speed players because the prevent grip movement during a player's swing.  Firmer grips are favored by most Tour players. 

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Introducing Gripes Cleaning Wipes

Finally!  A quick, easy and super convenient cleaning solution for keeping your golf grips looking and feeling like new.  Lamkin developed GRIPES grip cleaning wipes after being bombarded with golfers asking, “how do I keep my new white and color grips clean?”.   Despite dozens of possible cleaning options for golf grips (with varying degrees of complexity), most golfers didn’t even think about grip cleaning until the recent explosion of white and colored grips hit the market.   And while it is important to keep your grips LOOKING great, there is another very important benefit derived from regular grip cleaning: reactivating much-needed surface tack to keep them FEELING great!   It’s easy to hide dirt and grime on black grips, but it’s still there and likely causing your grips to lose their surface tack. GRIPES grip cleaning wipes are the easiest way to keep your grips looking and feeling like new.  Each pack ($5.99 SRP) includes 15 large-surface wipes created specifically for golf grip cleaning.  The wipes offer superior, fast-drying cleaning strength ideal for rubber and synthetic rubber grips.   The convenient resealable pack fits easily into your golf bag and, when sealed properly, will last for more than a year!   GRIPES will be available in November at select green grass, golf specialty shops and online retailers. 

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TIPS FROM THE PROS: You're Probably Using the Wrong Size Grip & It's Costing You Strokes

We recently interviewed Stephen Hutton, PGA Professional, and Head Golf Professional at Geneva Golf & Country Club, about the importance of playing with a properly sized golf grip.  

Common Problems, Simple Solutions When a student or member is having trouble with their game, one of the first topics I discuss is the importance of using a correctly sized golf grip.  Our philosophy is pretty simple: in order to perform well, a player must be using the right grip.  It’s amazing how many mechanical problems stem from a player using a golf grip that’s either too small or too large.   Golfers are very aware of the benefits of custom club fitting, but very few have given any thought to their grips, and that’s the only part of the club that is in direct contact with a player’s hands! 

For many players, simple hand measurements will help guide a player to their ideal grip.  However, there is a large group of golfers that may actually benefit from a grip that’s either larger or smaller than their hand measurement dictates.  For instance, a senior golfer might have difficulty with grip strength.  These golfers may benefit from a slightly larger grip because it demands far less grip pressure and strength.  A grip that’s smaller, even if it’s the ideal measurement, may require too much strength to effectively grip the club. Despite the obvious benefits of using properly sized golf grips, and replacing worn-out grips, it’s likely that 80-85% of golfers are not using their ideal grip and, therefore, missing out on an immediate performance boost.  

Custom-Fit Grips Is a 3-4 Stroke Game Changer.

I recently worked with a senior member on a grip fitting consultation.  He was a 15 handicap and had trouble generating the necessary club speed to get a decent ball launch.   Based on his needs, and hand size, we recommended an oversize Lamkin Perma-Wrap grip.  After using that grip on just one club, for just one round, he came back and had all of his clubs regripped.  The larger size allowed him to grip the club with more strength, resulting in longer shots off the tee.  While his hands were a “standard” size, this player didn't have the strength to properly hold a smaller grip.  Switching to the oversize wrap grip immediately shaved three strokes off of his game.

Another common grip fitting problem occurs with female golfers.  Nearly every premium club manufacturer uses an undersize (stock) grip on their Ladies Clubs.   These are great for an average female height of 5’5 or shorter, but are usually too small for many female players. 

Grip Tips

Tips from Bob Lamkin: Five Ways a Golf Grip Can Impact Your Game

Bob Lamkin, CEO Lamkin Grips

1. The Wrong Size Golf Grip Will Hurt Your Game

I recently read an article on that estimated more than 50% of golfers are using the wrong size grip.  If you’re reading this and haven’t yet measured your hand for the proper grip size, or been fitted by a professional, then chances are pretty high that you`re using the wrong size grip… and it`s probably costing you about five strokes! Lamkin is proud to offer the widest assortment of grip sizes in the industry.  We have made this investment in our portfolio because properly fit grips lead to better performance and increased enjoyment. For players using a grip that`s too large, hand movement is often restricted and can impact swing speed and shot distance.  On the other hand, if a player is using a grip that`s too small, hand movement is too pronounced which leads to inconsistent shots and difficulty hitting the ball straight.   In addition to hand size, players may consider physical limitations and swing mechanics when determining their ideal grip size. For more information on grip fitting, visit your local PGA Professional or use the Lamkin Interactive Grip Selector  

2. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky

This seems to be the adjective used most often to describe a really great golf grip.  From Tour players to weekend warriors, just about every golfer wants a golf grip that feels really tacky. Golf is one of the very few contexts in which “tacky” is used as a glowing endorsement. Let`s take a step back, though, and consider exactly how a tacky golf grip impacts a golfer`s performance.  The key benefit of increased grip tack is that it provides a stable, controlled connection between a player’s hands and their clubs. Essentially, it helps the club “stick” to a player’s hands.  Without grip tackiness, a golfer uses increased grip pressure to try to create that stable connection. What happens when a golfer is gripping their clubs too tight?  Too much grip tension leads to too much tension in a golfer`s wrists and forearms, prohibiting proper shoulder movement which inhibits swing speed… and shot distance. In essence, it is the tackiness of a grip that helps promote a light-pressure grip.  With a light-pressure grip, a player`s hands, wrists and forearms are relaxed and ideally positioned to generate optimal swing speed and ball distance.  

3. The Consistency Lesson

One of the most common regripping mistakes golfers make is replacing just one or two grips at a time.  There is a good reason why Tour players are emphatic about the consistency of their grips.  Getting just a couple of clubs regripped creates a dramatic “feel” difference between your clubs.  That difference typically requires a gripping adjustment from club to club, which can lead to inconsistent shots and inconsistent performance. To maintain swing consistency, it`s important that the condition Grip Tips

Big Win For Lamkin Grips at 2012 Nordea Masters in Sweden

Congratulations to the first, second and third place finishers at the 2012 Nordia Masters event in Stockholm Sweden.   The European PGA Tour stop delivered a hat trick win for Lamkin with the three players atop the leader board all using Lamkin golf grips. Leading the pack, the winner of the tournament at Bro Hof Slott golf club played impeccably from tee to green all week, aided by the Lamkin Crossline Full-Cord grips he has fitted to his woods.  The Crossline Full-Cord is one of the most popular grips used on both the PGA and European PGA Tours.  It\'s recognizable pattern of intersecting \"cross\" lines delivers incredible traction and torsion stability.  The integrated cord fabric delivers exceptional wet-wather performance and slip-free confidence.  Plus, the Crossline Full-Cord is the industry\'s only full-cord golf grip available in a midsize option.

Tour Report

Gary McCord Shares Golf Grip Tips in New Lamkin Videos

Golf analyst and author Gary McCord, whose irreverent and self-deprecating style has earned him fans worldwide, has recorded a four-part video series designed to help players maximize Lamkin Grips’ new Performance Plus 3GEN Wedge golf grip. The witty and knowledgeable Champions Tour player loaned his expertise to Lamkin’s online education program that breaks down wedge play into quick, easy to understand lessons. Comparing club shafts to pencils and hammers, McCord demonstrates how users gain greater control the further they choke down on whatever is in their grasp. By adding an inch to its grip length and maintaining a wider grip base, McCord shows viewers how Lamkin’s new Wedge Grip promotes a choked down grip to improve short-game play.  Throughout the video series, McCord also elaborates on concepts including hand action, swing power, grip size, as well as the differences between soft and firm grips (and when to use which).  Lamkin’s new video series featuring Gary McCord can be seen on the company’s channel at

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Is The Wrong Size Grip Hurting Your Game? Probably

Industry experts estimate that more than 85% of golfers are probably using the wrong size grip.   If you\'re using a stock grip (the grip that just so happened to come with your new clubs), then chances are really good it\'s a \"standard\" size.   Imagine buying and wearing \"standard\" size shoes.  Crazy, right?   All golfers have different sized hands and fingers, so one \"standard\" size most definitely does not fit all golfers.  Using the wrong size grip can be extremely damaging to your game.   If you\'re having trouble generating enough swing speed to hit the ball farther, or if you\'re constantly pulling and slicing the ball, check your grip size before you do anything else.  Switching to properly sized grips might very well be the easiest and cheapest way to improve your golf game.  Click here for the full story on proper grip fitting.

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